A Child of God

I read somewhere that those who know God can't describe Him and those who attempt to describe Him don't really know Him. Well, I can't begin to put into words what God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost are to me so I hope that means I'm getting to know the Trinity very well. My life has been so amazingly turned inside out and upside down for the better now that I'm actively seeking God. All the "bayooteefull craziness" that is my life receives purpose and understanding through my spiritual journey. If I didn't mention God in every part of my day, and every part of my blog for that matter, I wouldn't be true to me. I am truly a child of God seeking knowledge and wisdom from my Father and eagerly hanging on His every word and wanting more. I pray that I encourage someone to get to know God more intimately and above all to know Him for yourself and not by what others say.