Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Good Wife

When my fiancée proposed in May, I had all sorts of anxiety about being a good wife. I never considered myself the domestic type nor was I able to grasp the concept of submission in previous relationships. I'm tickled as I write this entry because I was so worried about becoming a wife and had no clue that months later I'd also be preparing to be a mom, a full time business woman, the staple for my families spiritual growth and more. My life as I knew it doesn't really exist anymore. Well, not totally true, I'm still a Working Creative in the industry of entertainment but it feels so different. I've shifted from being a single woman on the go with more appointments and opportunities than she could handle to a stay at home creative think tank. Shifted from being a youth leader tending to her teens to a mom-to-be & wife-to-be tending to her family. From traveling multiple days in a week to chillin at home and resting my body multiple days a week. [Chevy don't get much love these days.] It doesn't seem like my life sometimes and then other days it feels so much like where I'm supposed to be that I just smile and whisper "Thank you Lord".

This new journey of life has been so humbling, revelation flowing, spiritually growing, emotional, and a purely joyful occasion. Saying "yes" to becoming his wife has opened the door for God to do so much in me. I have no clue what's ahead but I'm so amazed at the awareness I have about purpose and Gods hand in everything I do. If all this was just to teach me the lessons of the past 7 months that would be enough. But I know there's even greater ahead and He is preparing me so I say "Eyes be ready yall!" LOL!


- BJ Gianni