The Working Creative

BJ Gianni was born and raised in Prince Georges County, Maryland. She went to high school and college in Dover, Delaware and then moved back to Maryland to pursue modeling. Now a full time actress/model in New York City, BJ is pursuing her dreams of working creatively and growing as an artist. Her professional and creative accomplishments continue to grow as she explores all areas of the entertainment industry. Recently moving into the theatre realm she now anticipates an exciting transition into the film and television genres. BJ is always looking to grow and help others grow through various organizations of which she is a dedicated member. She leads a Purpose Driven Woman mastermind group for African American business owners, is an active youth leader in the MSNY youth ministry, and an acting workshop leader for NYC's Actors In Christ.

"I'm joyful, the bills are getting paid, goals are being checked off my list, God is ever present in my life and the sky and beyond is my focus".