Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Walking in Forgiveness

It's more than just accepting that God forgives no matter what. Placing yourself in a position to stumble again. Its about a sincere repentance and turnaround. A new commitment to do things differently. To be more aware of your weaknesses and be diligent to protect yourself in those areas. Walking in Gods forgiveness really begins when your understanding of His commandments are clear when looking at your sin. When you begin to see why God says don't do this or don't do that. Of course, we should just be obedient regardless of knowing why God says and does things. But for those of us stubborn fools who have to learn things the "hands on" way, the clarity comes as He walks you out of your mess. I think about the 32 years of life I've been granted and all the things I've done my way. I lived a lot of life in this time and can't help but appreciate God protecting me through all of it. I also can't help but recognize that there's a more peaceful, stress-free way to do things...Gods way. It aint easy and Lord knows even with this understanding I still stumble and mess things up. However, accepting that God loves and forgives me for my weaknesses is the best comfort I know. Its not man saying "Child please, you take this stuff too serious. A little of this or that aint gonna hurt you". And yes its been great to have the support that reminds me I'm human and that we all fall short. But I can't allow that to slip me into a ungrateful forgetful state of sin and forgive. Ya know, I'll sin and he'll forgive and just do whatever. In order to really walk in His forgiveness, I must do things different, vow to let Him transform me and not fight God along the way. It gets easier with each day to not beat myself up over moments of weakness. Easier to love my circumstances and embrace my trials, for on the other side is my abundant greatness. Counting it all joy and letting patience have her perfect way with me. I'm walking in forgiveness, thank you Lord.

Peace yall!

- BJ Gianni