Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Think I'm In Love

I haven't talked about my relationships in a while and won't spend too much time in the details, you can recap my blog for past challenges. I've been preparing a message to speak to the teen ladies this week and God spoke this morning to me about what I've known all along. I share often that I had a promiscuous adolescent and adult life which is rooted in a void that I tried to fill with sex, boyfriends, alcohol and such. Being delivered yet still healing from that past I've really been focusing on my relationship with God. Allowing Him to fill that empty space with His love and He has done just that. Some days I get lonely and tell God that I love Him but it would be nice to have an Earthly man too. But He speaks to me clearly and reminds me "It isn't time for that yet", so I obey. Some of the guys who try to hit on me have made jokes that I'm married to God and one even went as far to say or imply that God can't fulfill me sexually, but I'm not even entertaining that. God is very intimate with me and it ain't got nothing to do with sex. (Sidenote: In-ti-ma-cy is "In to me see", If the person you laying down with can't see into your soul or you don't love yourself enough to show your innermost parts to someone than that's not intimacy, that's just sex... I'm Just Sayin) Getting back on track, some of those folks were joking but they're actually speaking the truth. I am married to God and He is a better husband than I could've dreamed up.

He is my provider so I don't worry about my needs because my hubby has it under control. He pays my bill, allows me to pamper myself, put this awesome roof over my head, the truck I drive and so much more than just the material things. He is my comforter and confidant so I can go to Him with every intimate detail and cry on His shoulder. He listens and gives great advice, even when I don't want to hear it, so I say He's my best friend. He wrote me a whole book of love letters to remind me of just how much He loves me, I read it each day in this fancy Black leather book. He wraps His loving arms around me at night as we lay together and dream, plus He's right there when I wake up each morning staring in my face saying "Good Morning Beautiful". He pours into me, strengthens and increases me, He wants the best for me and would never attempt to diminish my value and hold me back from greatness. He is my soul mate and I love Him so much.

I realize this may be difficult for some to process but when you truly build a relationship with God and allow Him to do His work in you, you will absolutely fall in love with God. He will treat you better than anyone else can and once you allow Him to complete you, He will give you the desires of your heart. No more broken relationships for me, no thanks. Of course, I desire one day to have an Earthly husband but if he can't bring it like God can than I think I'll pass. Can't nobody give it to me like God can.

Peace yall!


  1. WOW you are so awesome! Please continue to allow God to protect your heart, your overall purpose and to let your testimony be a vehicle of usage to those in need!


  2. BJ, I love this! I needed this! I'm at the same place in my life with relationships! This really hit home. Thank you!