Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lightbulb Moment!

I say age doesn't mean much and that I just prefer to live life and not be concerned with what people or society says I should be doing at a particular age. Approaching my 30th birthday gives me so much to write about. Some could say, and I have pondered myself, that this attitude is merely an excuse to act a fool and live like a child rather than an adult. But I don't let those thoughts get the best of me. Contrary to how I may seem on the outside, I'm really a fine intelligent, brilliant even, woman on the inside. I curse a lot and drink and party and flirt and blow stuff off all the time, where inappropriately short and tight clothing (according to some). Probably do a lot of things that people wouldn't dare do without running to church the next day and repent. But behind closed doors, I read my Bible and other books, I save money out of every check I make, I help family and friends and can be very reliable when you truly need me, I observe my actions of the day prior and think of ways to do it better, I exercise here and there and choose a salad over a burger occasionally. So you see, looks are not what they really seem to be, they are as the saying goes, quite deceiving. I observe some of my closest friends who to the naked eye seem more disciplined, spiritual and "put together" then me, I can think of at least three that come to mind instantly. And without passing any judgment on them while making this statement. "I have accomplished more things and can probably provide more insight on life then they could probably imagine from my real life experiences". I beat myself up from time to time saying I need to be more reserved and proper and lady-like and educated when I compare myself to my friends. But then I have these "lightbulb" moments when I realize that I'm just as fabulous as I think they are and maybe more.

Just my random thought for the day, carry on ;-)

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