Friday, May 20, 2011

Pause for the Cause

What's the most valuable lesson learned from this production? I don't know if I can answer this question without a lengthy conversation. I've experienced so much over the two months I've been on the team and the list just keeps growing. Some lessons I've learned up close and personal and others I've learned simply by observing and seeing what not to do. I'll attempt to list a few:

- Focus on me or my purpose on the task. Initially I took on the burden of trying to please the cast and director through my unique dual role and its impossible to please everyone. I certainly only have control of myself so that was a task that I'd never complete and quite honestly it wasn't my task to fulfill anyway. I often try to keep the Peace but sometimes you just gotta let others be themselves and burn their own bridge. I can't be a firefighter for everyone because then I get burned.

- Be considerate of my words and the life they bring to my surroundings. Gossiping, Complaining, Venting...whatever one chooses to call it, it all has the power to break down or lift up any circumstance. What I initially thought to be healthy venting between cast members and/or director, I now see were actually me sowing seeds of uncertainty and confusion that contributed to the negativity already roaming through the production. Some things really are best left unspoken no matter how relieved you may feel afterwards.

- Stand strong for my morals and beliefs. I had to realize that my reputation is at stake if I choose to fall in line with the actions of others and be a follower. "No one can diminish you but yourself". So just because individuals have been acting like fools, regardless of having valid points for their actions, a fool is a Fool is a FOOL. And I ain't no fool!!!

- Business is Business. While it's nice to be social with your co-workers and boss, it needs to be within limits. I believe that when you let your hair down too much, your "roots" start to show. Sometimes when those "roots" or true colors start showing, you leave a different impression on people, so it's best to choose your personal interactions wisely when dealing with business.

It has been very challenging to find an appropriateness to separating myself as a cast member and the directors assistant. I'm believing that appropriate separation doesn't exist and that may be the biggest lesson but I believe in "seeing it through" so I'm doing my best. I'll walk away from this experience much wiser because of all the actions that have taken place. But mostly because I took the time to reflect and evaluate myself in all this and seek improvement. So I leave you with this. Life is full of opportunities and decisions to be made. Be sure you take the right opportunities and make the best decisions around that opportunity for yourself and always pause along the journey to self reflect. Pause for the Cause, ya know? In this case, that cause would be my peace of mind, my legacy or reputation, or simply what God would expect of me. If you don't pause, you may end up with a horrible stage play called "Life" and no one will desire to spectate.

Peace yall!

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  1. One must be very careful in this business and industry. But one thing I will say, ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT! or should I say have faith and listen to your heart. IT will always steer you in the right direction. :)