Wednesday, October 6, 2010


What to talk about, what to talk about? Today I'm filled with joy and humility and gratefulness and love and peace. I finished "Purpose Driven Life" and am half way through "the 2nd most important book you'll ever read" and my Bible readings are so intriguing. I've been reading multiple chapters as opposed to my one chapter a day plan. I'm taking the week off and resting in DC at my dads while i recover from a second battle with strep throat. I received one casting for the week so far and i couldn't be happier. I feel amazing spiritually and am so grateful to have this down time to learn about myself and God and truly focus and plan the next chapter of my life. Im not worried too much or really at all about tomorrow and am happy living in the moment of today because I know I'm blessed. I gained some amazing friends through this journey and had to let go of some old ones. I'm experiencing challenges in every area of my life and I'm humbled by all that I'm learning as a result. I'm motivated more and more to share my story with believers and non-believers by letting my light shine. Part of my responsibility as a new Christian is to encourage others to find strength in God and seek his love as I have chosen to do. I can't count the numerous ways in which I feel blessed. The lessons, confidence, knowledge, love, peace, joy, and overall happiness i feel can only be attributed to him. It makes me feel so excited about the future because i know i have much to learn and will surely be broken down again before I'm lifted up to a greater height of understanding through my spirituality. When i think of the old "me" just a few months back i would have been a mess under my current circumstances. No jobs lined up, sick again, finances not as i desire, family arguing...yup, a total mess. But I'm not because i have Faith; through my readings, my time in church, with my Pastor, talks with God, lessons from other believers, and lots of quiet time. Even where men are concerned he has blessed me with a slow patient relationship built on friendship and not lust. Im doing my best to keep this new relationship as God has planned and not how i think it should go. I'm all around humbled and amazed at the life in front of me. And all I had to do was believe! WOW!

Peace y'all!

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