Friday, December 3, 2010

Gifts of Love

Its that time of year! The time when people start emptying their wallets, looking out for any and every sale, racing to the stores for the best deals and the latest trends. The time when highway and sidewalk traffic alike are jam-packed with shoppers eager to make all their loved-one's dreams come true with the material objects of their wish list. It's mind boggling to me at how many folks still make it a  "must" to purchase above and beyond their means just because of the holiday season. Watching the news reports on how spending is down compared to previous years and how will the economy survive and blah blah blah. Who cares if spending is down? Maybe this means that some of our youth will understand the true spirit of the holidays, which has nothing to do with unwrapping that shiny toy, and maybe thats a step in the right direction to stopping the violence with our misguided children. Maybe it means that more families will spend time together in laughter and reminisce on old times and family traditions instead of anticipating the gift exchanging hour. Maybe it means that less of our "overworked and underpaid and always trying to catch a big break so do anything necessary to get a dollar just so you can spend it on an object that will become obsolete in a few months" folks will feel the society encouraging  pressure to go broke or go further into the financial whole they may already be in. Now i say these things in my blog never in judgement because i too have debt, i too like nice shiny electronics, and junk. Im just trying to motivate a few of you as i motivate myself to get away from the materialness of this world and give gifts that you cant put a price tag on. 

This holiday season I'm giving the gift of LOVE. I'm giving myself love, first and foremost, because i cant be in a position to give to anyone else what I don't understand myself. The best way to start loving another person is to love you unconditionally and then spread to others. Im giving love to my amazing GOD for all his mercy and grace bestowed upon me. My faith in him has truly turned me around and i see a lot of things in a more positive light. I'm giving love and time to my boo like I've never given to any man before because i know that "love conquers most" and we'll get through any obstacles if we always give and speak from love. I'm giving love and selflessness to my bestest girlfriends and learning to put myself to the side at times to be a better friend to them. I'm giving love and learning to speak kindly to my family members instead of speaking harsh and passionately judgmental. I'm giving love to my community and seeking new ways to interact with the youth because I love the kids and it touches a special place in my heart to hear their laughter. I'm giving love to strangers and saying hello even when not spoken to and smiling just to brighten a day. I'm giving the best and most valuable gift i can give to anyone and that is the "bayooteefull  joy" of me that comes from the loving God of peace.

It is my sincerest hope that i stay true to my intentions and that I shed some light for the next person to give more than they receive and spread a little more love and time than cents and dollars signs...ha ha ha (that was a cheesy rhyme, i know).

Peace yall!     

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