Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love Checklist

If you've been keeping up with this blog, you know that one of challenges in life is love and relationships. I prayed and prayed and cried to God many nights to bring me a mate. I finally realized that he had been placing people in my life to comfort me in areas I needed and that would suffice for the moment. I woke up this morning and started reflecting on those lonely days and the things I wanted most. I didn't know it at the time but I was creating a checklist of things I wanted to do as I fall in love.

Now I must say that while I observed other couples doing these things as "Lonely B" I was all "bah-hum- bug, get a room". On the inside I was miserable because I knew I wanted those very things I frowned at. So here it goes, my Love Checklist in no particular order:

- walking down the sidewalk kissing clumsily (because who can really walk side by side and kiss without tripping over their feet?)
- kissing in the car at a red light (because the kiss you got before you got in the car just wasn't enough and the kiss you'll get at the end of the ten minute drive won't do either)
- taking the bus from DC to NY and balling up into each other and falling asleep with your heads pressed together (Tear... Kodak moment)
- riding the subway or some other public place and feeling each other up (to this one I still say "get a room", but when you're that couple feeling each other up you could care less who's looking ;-)
- having a kiss fest in the most random unexpected places (this can happen multiple times at multiple locations, I LOVE a good kiss fest)
- walking hand in hand and when people are in your way, you stay locked together and raise your hands above them because letting go for two seconds would hurt way too much (I realize this one is way sappy, makes you wanna pook, and then some but this is my checklist so live with it... Hee hee hee)
- taking a picture while kissing and capturing that moment for eternity (BBM is to blame for this one, all my girls posts these pics and I want one too) (update: I got the pic now but I aint posting it... Ha ha... Having it is quite enough for me)
- add to this list as many displays of affection, be it public or private, and these are things that bring me closer to my Love, the PG version anyway :-O

What's on your checklist???

Peace yall!

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  1. Very intuitive, never looked at from that stand point, I guess when you find someone whose weirdness is compatible with yours, we fall into mutally satisfying weirdness n call it true love. We r all looking for that, but until that day... Be happy, merry and enjoy life to the fullest. Great list...

  2. Almost everything on your check list is about kissing, lol! You sure do love your kisses.

    I think the biggest thing on my check list is traveling the world with that special someone; and no matter what foreign country you're in, you still feel like you're at home cuz he's there exploring it with you :)

  3. also, something i didn't notice until after I'd been through quite a few relationships is that the fantasy of your check list and thinking about all those wonderful things you can't wait to do is also a beautiful part of the process, because it's the time before you've satisfied certain cravings and it's the dreamy stage while you're on the look-out for the things you desire most. I agree with the last sentence of the person who commented before me; it's important to embrace each step in the love search (even the earliest step when it's still just you)