Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Of This World

I am worldly, this I do know! However, God has been revealing my roots to me and helping me heal so I can bare good fruit. I know I Tweet and Facebook all day everyday but I try to use those platforms for edification and encouragement as much as possible. I know I still have a cocktail every blue moon, but the desire is less and I'm much more aware of the importance of a sober mind. I've been promiscuous most of my life but God is showing me the downfalls of fornication and the significance of purity. I slip up occasionally and say a passionate word or two but I surprise myself most days with the love that leaves these lips. I entertain negative thoughts that drive my actions in the wrong direction but God is strengthening my understanding to renew my mindset. I'm still controlling and tempted to force things to be done my way but I relinquish more to Him everyday and just wait. I still gossip and backbite about folks but I'm learning not to judge and turn that focus to myself for correction.

It is only through my continuous prayer, teachings of the Bible, and spiritual influence around me that this progress has been possible. I just want to encourage others to know that this walk with God is a long one, a never ending lesson, but keep your eyes focused on Him and it does get easier.

Peace yall!

- BJ Gianni


  1. I so applaud you for putting it out there like that. Lord knows I'm a work in progress. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day!

  2. Awesome! We ALL fall short of God's glory, but as you said we continue to get our correction from God. He shows us our erred ways. That carnal mind, the tempter and the idol time we believe we have are ALL deadworks, of the enemy and to constantly get tried by them whew, we gotta be doing something right. Just continuing to seek God during those trying times is saying a lot. We gotta keep on keeping on and we will get the rewards! Love you girl, keep on keeping on and I hope you keep me lifted as well. TOLCM FAM.