Monday, November 14, 2011

Consequences of Change

If I've been selfish my whole life, I can't take offense if someone rejects my offerings now that I've changed. They maybe had to develop an unhealthy independence towards me as a result of my old ways that won't allow them to see my change. Their pride may be too strong as a result of my actions that didn't show them compassion and love. They have a "I don't need her" attitude. But that's ok, because when we change or do as God says we don't do it for show. We do it because its the Godly thing to do, its what our new heart desires to do. There will often be reminders of our old self, as we grow and gain new understanding. We can't get caught up in anger and frustration trying to make others see our change. As long as we can look in the mirror and see it for ourselves and be humbled by what we see, that's all that matters. God sees it all and if we've changed for the betterment of ourselves than we've changed for Him and shouldn't look any further for gratification or recognition of that change than from Him.

For those of you striving to change for the better. Be encouraged in your new season of life and don't allow others holding onto the old you to discourage your continued growth. This includes yourself, forgive you and don't hold onto hurts of shame because of your old ways. Seek healing from God and find joy in the lessons.

Peace yall!

- BJ Gianni


  1. Amen. I often times found myself constantly trying to convince people that I wasn't the same person they knew 5 years ago or even 1, but people were so quick to judge and were close minded. I realized I couldn't expect people to pay attention to my changes if they hadn't changed themselves. Live and let go. Great post!

  2. Hey B J. Another great post. Thanks for taking time and for sharing your heart. So important to live life according to Godly wisdom. Also do you respond to email. I have a great report you must know is the direct result of one of your tweets. Please respond. Accepted, denied?lol

  3. Thank you Jada. Dr C G, yes i respond to emails but i havent received one form you and i cant seem to find you on twitter anymore. Send me a tweet so i can reach you.