Monday, November 28, 2011

Gimme My Swag!

I don't know who took it or where it went, but Gimme Back My Swag! I'm not quite sure how I let it slip away or how I got so easily sidetracked, but Gimme Back My Swag! I've been unmotivated, content, and just plain stagnant in my passion , but you gon Gimme My Swag Back! I was never this easily defeated, this un-enthused to push forward, pursue my dreams and dream bigger. I've allowed myself to feel empty inside with no more left to give but my eyes were focused on the wrong prize and now I'm going to Snatch My Swag Back.

I'm seeing myself more clearly these days and realize that I've been allowing creative opportunities from God to just pass me by. I haven't been the self-motivator and hustler that got me to this point. Thankful that the Lord has been sustaining my career in this season I was walking through...but its time for more! Time not just for the brilliant hungry creative me to come back but time for an even greater motivated and prepared me to step on the "scene". I'm sitting down with this lackadaisical person I've become and yanking my Swag, Mojo, Umph, Desire, Passion, or whatever else you could call it back. She sure hasn't been using it and this season ahead of me is gonna need all of that to fulfill the goals ahead for me.

Staying Christ centered and Creatively Focused!

Peace yall!

- BJ Gianni

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  1. AMEN, COSIGN, DITTO,ENCORE, ALLLL THAT... lol Thanx in advance baby jesus for the renewed mind...