Friday, December 23, 2011

Blessin in the Lesson

I was driving down the highway, steady reflecting on the past few months. I realized that by always saying "blessings" and how grateful I am to God it may seem that I'm walking on sunshine. While I am walking in God's light, I felt the need to clarify what blessings are to me.

I believe the ups and downs of life are gifts from God. For some of us, challenges and trials are the only way we can get stuff through our thick skulls. Actually the majority of the time when I'm talking about a blessing lately its been based around a challenge that God is bringing me through. Its not because I just won the lottery or somebody got me a really great present or anything material or insignificant in the eyes of the Lord and certainly not to brag about how wonderful my life is. Not to say He hasn't been a consistent provider but I feel so blessed to be moving to the other side of so many life lessons that I can't help but see the great in that.

I'm not knocking anyone who praises for the good stuff because we ought to say thank you. But I know that we also ought to say Thank You and Thank You for being delivered from unhealthy friendships, unGodly relationships, stressful job situations, family drama, illness, or for just simply getting a sense of conviction when we know we've done wrong and learned a lesson. I'm always grateful for the opportunities I receive but I strive towards spiritual maturity which is a never ending journey. I pray that this thick skull will soften more and more to just be obedient the first time around. I'm so glad for the Blessings in the Lessons and will continually humble myself to be a student under the wisest teacher I know. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Peace yall!

- BJ Gianni

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