Tuesday, December 27, 2011

See the Unseen

It can be so easy to get down about life if things aren't going as planned and you're in the midst of a challenge, IF you don't have Faith. I walk in Faith by seeking the positive or lesson in every circumstance. When I discover this I can't help but find a peace for the situation and trust that its God's hand over my life. I can then begin to see what I need to see, not what I want to see or what my small mind has assessed as true.

When you walk by Faith and not by sight, you look pass what's around you and look to the promises of God. You trust that regardless of what it looks like now that you'll come through it. You may suffer a bit but when you have Faith you know you'll get through it and just stand on patience. When you walk by Faith and not what you see, you don't give temporary circumstances or people power over you. When you begin to understand who's in your life for a reason or a season, and who's there for a lifetime you will move accordingly and give your energy to each as you ought. When you walk on Faith you believe what God says is true about you and not the lies the enemy tries to speak into you. Or even the things you've allowed yourself to believe because of temporary circumstances. When you walk by Faith and not by sight, you walk in a joy that isn't possible if you're only focused on what you can see. We're disappointed daily, hourly, by the second even, with the people and circumstances in our lives. If that's all you base your worth on and measure yourself accordingly, your value will be very limited. We weren't created to depend on man, we were created to depend on God and love and forgive man as God has done to us. We have to walk by Faith and not by everyday circumstances. Look higher than the pain in your life and see healing. Dream bigger than the opportunity in front of you and trust that you deserve it. Keep trying in spite of the numerous failed attempts. Know that a stumbling block can become a stepping stone or a breakdown can become a breakthrough if you have Faith.

There's greatness in each and everyone of us, but we have to know that God has that for us and walk in it with boldness. You have to know what God says about you and what He is promising for your life. I encourage yall to spend quiet time asking God what His promises are for you, how does He define you, what does He say about your current circumstances. Then choose to walk on Faith and no matter what it looks like right now trust that each day is a new day with a new opportunity to see things differently.

I'm grateful for the encouragers in my life and the promises I know God has for me. I want to be an encouragement to you to seek your promises. It's a world of a different color when you begin to understand your purposes. I want this feeling for everyone. Walk by Faith, Not by Sight! See the Unseen and Believe its yours!

Peace yall!

- BJ Gianni

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