Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas List

It's been such a busy somewhat chaotic but blessed two months that I've had very little time to do simple things. That includes blog, read anything other than a daily proverb and devotion, complete Christmas cards, clean up, and sometimes I felt I barely had time to breathe in between blessings. As Christmas approached I couldn't feel the Holiday spirit. I guess because of the lack of preparation for the earthly things that make it feel like Christmas, like shopping, xmas trees, parties, and so on. I'm so grateful to get a nudge from God that you are in the Holiday spirit and you've already been giving and receiving so open your eyes.

Instead of having a list of things I want I'll share with you the list of some things I've received even before Christmas has arrived:

- new girlfriends, Christian sisters and sincere woman who began loving me from the moment we met. They're teaching me how to love other woman in my life as they love me.

- an amazing blossoming relationship with my Baby Sis in addition to a spiritual connection with her, Praise God!

- a continuous image of the qualities my husband will and must possess by placing strong God-fearing Black men around me as examples.

- answered prayers of good reports on health with family all over and even more so an improved healthy state within me! Hallelujah!!!

- encouragement to reach for those dreams that seem unattainable by placing positive like minded creatives in my life.

- a softening heart to pause for others and pray and a desire to decrease myself and let God lead me.

- I feel so blessed to have a heart for the youth and those young people are like my children. My heart feels for each of them and its a true gift to be able to serve God through preparing our future leaders and say-sowers of the world.

- a deeper understanding of my purposes and clarity on how to fulfill them and allow God's will to be done.

- the biggest gift I received is the trust and belief I have in the Lord, they grow more everyday with each lesson and blessing. God did that, He gave me that trust by working on me even when I didn't know it and preparing my heart and mind. I'm beyond grateful to have life with Him in it and wouldn't trade it for my old life for a second.

- oh there's another gift, Salvation! The blessing of life after this one, to be re-united with my loved ones in Heaven. I believe that I will touch the face of my mother again one day and my Granny, Grandpa and Auntie too. If this life is simply preparation for a more abundant one to come, Man Oh Man, its gonna be good... GOOD!!!

Praise you God for all you've done for me and all that you are! This is already the most blessed Christmas I've known and I can't wait to see what December 25th will bring. Thank you Thank you Thank you! So ready to celebrate the bornday of Jesus Christ...if it wasn't for Him...

Peace yall!

- BJ Gianni

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