Monday, February 14, 2011


What a great Monday this Valentine's Day has turned out to be thus far. I surely woke this morning in a "bah hum bug" mood. Not because it's V-Day but I just felt off balanced and unmotivated. I've had these feelings for a few weeks but this morning I woke with my eyebrows wrinkled and ready to duke it out with something or someone. Nothing in particular was bothering me or maybe everything was and I couldn't quite put my finger on where to start. So I started my morning with breakfast, prayer, some writing and a call to my Daddy to say "Happy Valentine's Day". It was soon time to head down the street, just a few blocks to my friends house for our planning meeting. She's the founder of the organization I work with on Mondays and we had lots to discuss. Little did I know, that we'd ultimately discuss my life and I'd get answers and motivation. After our teleconference wrapped, we enjoyed lunch and just bantered on about life and work and junk. One conversation sparked another. We talked about everything from friendships to business start-up to websites and dreams accomplished. It was a free for all with no topic unapproachable. It was beyond refreshing to have someone sit, listen, hear my frustrations and then respond with positive applicable reassuring feedback. As adults, we hold in so much crap and think we know best or that the answers will just fall from the sky without any action on our part. WRONG!!! Sometimes... most times we need to trust our close circle with our dreams, desires, and woes. Even if we feel "They couldn't possibly have an answer, so why whine and complain?". I'll be the first to admit that I'm a stubborn mess most days and even though I don't have the answer to my challenges, I don't ask "Susie" sitting next to me for the answer for so many reasons. Fear of judgement, Fear of confidentiality, Fear of embarrassment. Lil' Susie could be sitting on the answers just waiting for me to ask the questions. Even if she doesn't have the answers, she could have the motivational words to light the fire under me to get to the answers. And today Lil' Susie had the motivational words, the books, the quotes and some of the answers.

My point is take the time to impact someones life but more importantly don't be too stubborn to allow someone to impact yours.

Peace yall!

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