Monday, February 21, 2011

Shut Yo Mouth!

My momma always told me " you just don't know when to shut your mouth!" And she even popped me in the mouth hard when I was grown or thought I was grown.

This past week has been revealing to me that, while I realize I talk too much, I'm realizing that I talk too much. I don't mean just being a Chatty Cathy but that I speak in times where others would definitely prefer I not or at times when others wouldn't be bold enough to say things.

Just the other day I was in a meeting with two of my agents and photographer who would potentially use me as his next muse. My agent gave me the floor to speak freely and so I did. The first thing out my mouth was "well you know I don't do @$$ out shots or thong photos and such...". This statement in itself is not a bad thing because you have to have standards in this industry or people will surely have you doing anything. However, this photographer was looking for a model he could call upon whenever his creative being got an idea and shoot...for FREE!!! Hello... This is what I've been waiting for, I need a resident photographer in NYC but now he's all looking at me sideways like "hmmm, I'll call if I just need a pretty model that wants to play it safe!" Shut yo mouth BJ!

I'm currently booked on a 3 day gig at a Fashion event where I'm basically a live mannequin, seen and not heard. But of course, these clients keep asking my opinion so you know I'm giving it to them. But do you think the salesmen want me to give my opinion? Heck No. They have their own slogans and sales tactics so they don't want me giving my opinion unless its "its fabulous, you should buy this in five colors". So again, Shut yo mouth, BJ!

This is simple to do in some areas like talking about my new love and even gossiping about others and their business. But boy do I have some growing to do. My agent stopped the conversation between me and the photographer I mentioned earlier. He said " BJ I can't take it anymore, you can be a great model, you are a great model, but your mouth is your problem!" Ouch!!!! That hurt but he is so right. Maybe I'll just shut my mouth and save it for the blog. We shall see...

Peace yall!

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  1. I can so relate to this post. I tend to say the wrong things during castings and auditions too. I was once told an agency who was interested in me "With the work I've put in thus far as a freelance, I know I'm valuable because my tear sheets speak for themselves" He asked me how much I thought I was worth and I said "Definitely not to be hired as a V.I.P model at a nightclub" which he had already insinuated I would need to partake in if he were to take me in as a model. His whole look changed and said "Oh okay, well we'll call you with our decision". I kind of laughed it off though because I knew we both weren't interested in working together.