Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Beyonce Life

I've never considered myself a Beyonce fan, but she's been such a presence in my mind lately. While on a shoot last week, someone mentioned that she revealed her pregnancy on the VMAs or something. It shocked me how determined I was to YouTube the video and see it for myself. I only caught a snippet of the ending where she opened her jacket, rubbed her belly, and then smiled with a glow that I can only hope to experience one day. It was also a heart wrencher to see JayZ behind the scenes overjoyed. Moving on, I randomly picked up the July Essence mag while having quiet time at home. It's the issue where Bey wrote her own story and opened up about a lot. I couldn't help but feel her joy through the article and I swear everytime she wrote the words "my husband" it did something to me. Let me rewind a bit and recall when I saw her Billboard Awards performance and she ended with "I love me some JayZ" with a grin from ear to ear. Again I felt a tingle in my body for what that love feels like. Ok so now onto today as I finally listen to her new album "4" and even more I'm touched by certain songs and just reflect on her story and how it relates to me.

I'm experiencing a bit of sadness enduring a long distance relationship. But I'm realizing that if I want a Beyonce type happy ending I have to sacrifice and focus just as she did. In her article, she talked about how her schedule wasn't her own and that she longed for free time to live life and enjoy her husband and family. But she knew that she had to be disciplined and focused if she wanted success. As I pull into NYC at quarter to midnight to get back to my hustle, I know the same is true for me. I get sad when I have to leave my love and am reminded that my family and close ones are so far away. But observing a few things about Beyonce just motivates me to get on my grind, keep my eye on the goals, and trust that God will give me that season of rest and joy on His time. If Beyonce had to put in years upon years of sacrifice surely I can do the same. My career is really just taking off, so let me not get ahead of myself and cut my success short being too eager to get the future. My Patience will help me endure this time and at the appointed time I shall reap my own "Beyonce Life".

Peace yall!

- BJ Gianni


  1. Beautiful BJ!!.. I feel the same..She has brought me to tears lately mainly because her spirit is soo profound and genuine. Ive had the pleasure of meeting her few times and she is all that she shows on tv..Dont worry, no pain no gain is what it is and it will pay off!!. You deserve it!.. Ive seen your transformation :)

  2. You make me want to run out and read that article. I respect and admire beyonce for her focus and drive. I hope to grow in my discipline as she has. You'll surely reap your reward!