Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hanging In There

You ever wonder what people really mean when they say, "I'm hanging in there"? Usually this response follows a question about our current status while experiencing some challenges. Most times we're deeply troubled or struggling with a tribulation and yet we answer with that common response that suggests we are doing just fine. This was surely my answer when one of my Pastors asked how are things going at Sunday service last week. But after the sermon was given, I had a different understanding of "Hanging In There" that stuck with me this week.

Pastor's message was about dying daily and simply hanging on the cross as Jesus did some years ago. He made comparisons between the trials Jesus endured and our daily life experiences. He encouraged us to do what Jesus did and just hang and endure the circumstances, trusting and being ever faithful in God's promises. The more Pastor illustrated this hanging on the cross, the more I realized the resemblance in my definition of Hanging In There.

To me it means, "Yes I'm going through some stuff right now but I won't complain because I'm trusting God". Therefore, when you ask how am I doing, I won't respond by bursting into tears, nagging your ear off with my struggles, and overloading you (a fellow human with no Godly powers) with my whoas. But because I'm trusting and confiding in the Lord, I know that in time He will work things out on my behalf, so I choose to simply Hang in There. Hang on, be patient and pray for peace until God's promises come to light. Hang on and keep my mouth shut when I really want to scream to anyone who listens about all the stuff that is going on in my life. Hang on and focus on the blessings I do have instead of the ones I have yet to receive.

I do internalize a lot of my pain and some close to me say I just need to let it out. But the Bible doesn't say cast your cares on every person that comes along and ask how are you. It says to cast all your cares on God. So I encourage us all to Hang In There and wait a little while as God does his work. Choose to Hang on and persevere through your current challenges, being Faith-filled and Trusting in God.

Peace yall!

- BJ Gianni

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  1. Hey, BJ. My line is, "Everything is cool." If they truly are then I'm cool, but if they aren't then my optimistic point of view is they will be. I truly leave it to God and rarely do I stress over things after that point. And just like you, I definitely don't burden others with my issues ;) Thanks for the blog.