Saturday, March 5, 2011


"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want." Philippians 4:12

Its been a few weeks since my last entry and I stepped away from my blog for multiple reasons. Illness, financial challenges consuming my thoughts, blessings of multiple gigs in multiple states, lack of focus on any one topic to blog about. The past two weeks have been equally challenged and blessed. I suppose i should correct myself because challenges are blessings in disguise, they teach you all sorts of junk if you allow yourself to be taught. I was sick with strep throat again for the fifth time in nearly seven months. I have to admit that i didnt want to find a lesson in this challenge, i just wanted it to go away and never come back. But after a stubborn week without visiting a doctor i finally came to my senses and found a new doctor and demanded stronger antibiotics and answers. I received what i asked for but only after waking that Saturday morning and praying intently for a solution to this illness. I dealt with some harsh side effects throughout the next week but found joy in that because i knew i was getting better. This next week wasn't a typical one, i booked three shoots and all required me to travel. Uggggg Fuggg! Without giving too much information, lets just say one of the side effects i encountered would make anyone want to strap a toilet to their bottom and not move for days. OK, TMI but it was necessary. I had to say to myself "Are you REALLY going to waste this abundant week that God has given you by complaining about finances and illness?" After a few more kicks in the butt i replied to myself "Absolutely not!" and I juggled some funds around and mentally prepared myself for the travel. I encountered other challenges and successes during this period but maintaining an upbeat and positive attitude with the illness and the travel consumed most of me.

I feel like this was surely a test, a test of my Faith, a test of my passion for my career, a test of my mindset. I had to front a lot of the money to travel for these shoots and that initially bummed me out because i knew my bank account was thin. God came through right on time and sent a check from one of my smaller gigs the day before i left. I knew that i would be exposed to more germs at the height of my illness but i had to remain confident that God was sustaining me through this busy week just as he did the week prior. I was on top of my game at all of my gigs and you wouldn't have known i was sick if you didn't see me popping pills every couple of hours and running to the bathroom.

I read once that spiritual maturity comes when you seek lessons in everyday experiences. Instead of letting a challenging day get the best of you, one should look for the purpose of these events and take home lessons for growth or in my case take lessons for growth on the road. I could have made the decision to complain and whine and be diva-like during this experience. I believe i was humbled and pleasant through it all. I hope that God saw it that way too and continues to send life lessons my way via multiple bookings and a little toilet action...ha ha ha. Hey... i'll take that!

Peace y'all!

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