Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love and Basketball

All is not fair between Love and Sports!

There was only one thing I could think about doing after an exhausting week with the play and illness...spending time with my man. I recalled during the end of the second show how anxious I was to get everyone packed as soon as possible so we could hit the road. Because on the other side of that hour drive to DC was my Pookie waiting for me...or so I thought. I got back really late and went straight to my Dads and passed out. Easter Sunday was up next so I knew I couldn't see my boo until church and quality time with my Dad was complete. But I made it through and was on my way to his moms house. I'm thinking "Yes! I'm finally gonna wrap my arms around this man and kiss him until my lips fall off". I wont say unfortunately because I love spending time with his family. His sister is a true character and keeps me laughing, like gut busting laughing. So I'll say unexpectedly, I walked in to find the ladies of the family engrossed in chatter so I joined in. At some point throughout the convo my honey biscuit disappeared into the living room because the game had started. And here we go! I knew the rest of this night was going to be a constant battle between myself and the final game of the night when the Lakers played. I had faith though, I was confident that my Schnookems was just as excited to see me as I was him. WRONG!!!!! I wrap up the lady chit chat with his family and head upstairs to steal a few minutes of alone time. I received a stale hug and kiss as he peaked over my shoulder to watch the tube. The rest of the time at his moms house consisted of dinner, laughs, and potential interventions to help his addiction to all things Sports related. Let's add electronics onto that intervention too, Cuz if its a debate about either, he's your go to expert. Moving on, its time to say goodbyes and stuff. So you know I'm thinking "Oh yeah, finally gonna get some Q-T-Quality Time with my sugarplum". Ha ha, wrong again! He's making plans with his boys to watch the final game at a bar and my face is on the ground for the duration of the night. He was determined to watch this game out of the house and the most affection I would receive that night is rubbing elbows at the table over cocktails and man talk. Negative! I made a decision to go our own ways that night because I surely didn't want to be a sourpuss the whole night. Even though we see each other once a week, sometimes less, I was the bigger person to sacrifice my wants, right??? *shoulder shrug*

I drove home with my bottom lip poked out but I was very proud of myself for deciding to leave without making a big stink of things. Previously, he would have heard my mouth until the sun came up about how he should be spending time with me. Thank the Lord for censoring my lips. Speaking of my Lord, Do you think you could speed up this basketball season or like magically make the Lakers disappear? Because I'd really like to have my man back in my life but I'm convinced I'm going to strangle him if I get kicked to the curb one more time for this team! Thank you Heavenly Father, Please and Thank you!
ha ha just kidding...well sort of kinda!

Peace yall!
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