Monday, April 11, 2011

Miss Potato Head

Yall remember Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head? The toys that had removable body parts; nose, eyes, hands, feet, hat, lips and such.

I was journaling this morning and I thanked God for everything. These eyes that see things differently and look for the positive in every tribulation. These hands that reach out for new opportunities to learn more and help others. My spiritual ears that are learning to listen for the God in everything. Especially these lips that need a guard to man the door and let only words of love exit (Psalms 141:3). Each day I'm working at keeping my mouth shut and waiting on God to tell me when to speak and what to say. New feet on a path leading to some of my greatest and most fulfilling accomplishments. My parts are being renewed and refreshed daily and I'm so thankful to be in this new body, this new season, this refreshing mindset.

I'm like a walking talking Miss Potato Head, popping off old parts and pressing in the new lips, eyes, ears, feet and hands. Hallelujah!

Peace yall!

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