Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Avouch - verb - to make frank acknowledgment or affirmation of; declare or assert positiveness.

This past Sunday in church Pastor introduced a new word to me through his sermon. We received testimony of a member who struggled with unemployment and finances. She avouched God by cutting up all four of her credit cards in front of the congregation. She demonstrated her trust in God to make a way for her by doing this and even though she was living solely off her credit cards she cut them and avouched God by believing that he has a plan in store for her current tribulations. It was a powerful gesture for her to make and show God that she is fully leaning on Him by cutting off her only source of "income". Her story ended with multiple job offers in the weeks that followed and generosity from another member with enough funds to cover two months mortgage. The testimony and the simple introduction of this word got me to thinking "How can I avouch God?" or better yet "What am I doing that is the complete opposite of avouching God?". By definition saying things like "I cant accomplish..." or "I don't want to..." are the opposite. Allowing negative words and thoughts to exist are telling God that I'm not willing to do my part to help Him help me. We all get in a funk and have our "whoa is me" days but really choosing the thoughts and words spoken can impact the energy that is given to our dreams and goals.

Avouching can be done physical too, like the women who cut up her credit cards. What action can I take physically to show God that I'm serious about, believe in, and appreciate the promises He has laid out for my future? I prayed to remain healthy and free of the recurring strep throat or any other illness. But if I don't take care of myself by exercising, eating better, and eliminating bad habits, I cant expect God to do his part. I prayed for sincere friendships and fellowship around me but if I misuse those relationships and don't help to work on them as I work on me than God will see that I don't appreciate these relationships and they'll be gone or become worldly. I prayed for a man to love me unconditionally but a man that also loves the Lord. If I get caught up in the lust and infatuation of a man loving on me and not encouraging him to love on God than I will continue to have the same old superficial relationships I've always had and the man God has created for me may never be revealed. I prayed for growth in my career and continuous opportunities and opened doors. I can avouch God in this request by being prepared when those opportunities knock by always having my tools sharpened and putting myself in positive places to receive those opportunities. In my downtime, sitting at home watching TV and eating bons bons will bring me more sitting at home and watching TV. But to avouch God I can go out to networking events, refresh my list of business contacts and send friendly messages to spark an opportunity. Take action and put myself out there in a sense saying "OK, God I'm here and ready and eager to receive your blessings. I got my mind right and I'm ready to roll with you, so bring it."

Pastor closed the sermon with saying that we should be waking everyday expecting God to do something in our lives. We all receive His grace because He loves us and not because we deserve it for sure. So if I wake everyday and expect God to move mountains in my life than being a responsible adult and a maturing Christian, I should at least assist Him in moving the mountains, right? I have to get involved and Participate with God. We're a team that works together and in most teams each person has to pull their own weight. Imagine me and God here on Earth running the race and I'm sitting on the track catching a tan, filing my nails or something and I tell God, "You go ahead and get it started God, I'll catch up to you at some point, maybe closer to the end of the race." Now imagine what God would probably say, think, and do as a result of my "Let him do all the work" mindset. Actually, don't think about it, I read the Bible and I know what history says so let's not give any energy to that outcome because I'm going to avouch Him!

In the past few weeks, Ive made some baby steps in avouching God. Running weekly with Temples in Training, a Christian female running group in NYC and NJ. Cooking meals at home as often as possible to eat healthier and save some pennies. Nudging my boo to read the Word more and softly laying the groundwork for the relationship I know God wants me to be in. Finally sending invites to my Black Business Woman friends to ignite a power group to support one another. Updating my websites and polishing up my brand so I can be ready for the bucket list opportunities I believe God has in store for me. There are a few more areas of my life that need some major work done and I'm praying on that too. But overall, I'm really excited about the woman I'm growing to be and I can't take any of the credit because up until this point it ain't been nothing but God pushing and motivated me. Placing people and circumstances in my life to help me grow. From this point on I want to share in that effort and really participate with God in achieving my greatness.

What can you do to Avouch God?

Peace yall!

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  1. The bible says that IF My people which are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray, seek my face, turn from their wicked ways. THEN will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land. The concept is this, IF and THEN. IF we will do our part, THEN GOD will do the rest. Faith without works is dead. But you have to work blind. Because faith cannot be seen. So you have to AVOUCH without knowledge if the process. But believing, BY FAITH, that when you do this, GOD will make good on HIS end. And HE will. Because HE's that kind of GOD!!!! :)