Sunday, June 5, 2011

Becky's Steps

Can I just say how amazing God is that he doesn't just answer my prayers for me but he answers the prayers I pray for others? Well I just said it, so I guess I can.

God will give you the courage and tools necessary to do his work even if not directly through you. The soul of a certain female has been placed heavy on my heart over the past month or so. The more I got to know her and just be in her presence the more I could sense a need for healing. I'm always cautious to introduce my beliefs about God to others especially those who I strongly feel need God in their life because I don't want to appear judgemental. Some of our best intentions can get construed when we are passionate. I've had a few general conversations with folks about my calling to make an impact in some of the souls that have been inserted into my world. I believe he had a whole plan of how to link this person and that person to reach this young lady. Let's call her Becky.

The process began with one person inquiring about her attendance to our morning service and I chimed in and said "You should come, I go at 11am and I'll be there this weekend". Another person asked me to speak with Becky on another matter and in the midst she randomly mentioned that she would attend service today. She actually beat me to church and Becky will tell you herself that she'll be late to her own funeral. As I'm racing to get there because now she's waiting on me I thank God for moving mountains and placing vessels to be used to get her to this point. Also for getting me out of bed after five hours of sleep and making it to lead her to the next step. Of course, several others ministered to her through the sermon so I didn't need courage for that. But after the sermon when the prayer counsellors were available for individual prayer I asked if she wanted to go down with me. There was a familiar face among the prayer counsellors that Becky and I both met the week prior and I'm sure that made for a comforting walk to be counselled. I had every intention of getting some prayer in for me but I quickly realized that today wasn't about my soul, it was about leading another soul in their first steps with Christ.

God works in mysterious ways and always on time at the appointed time. This counselor doesn't usually attend the morning service and I know the Lord placed it on her heart to attend because he had plans to do a work on Becky today. I initially stood in and Becky and I both received words of encouragement as our eyes filled with tears. Becky's tears were because the message was speaking to her personally but my tears were because at that moment I knew God was present and he heard my hearts concerns and answered prayers. The fact that we were standing there and receiving the Word and that the counselor spoke some of the very words I thought Becky needed to hear but didn't know how to deliver them assured me that He was listening. So I stepped out of our huddle and stood by patiently, as they continued, with tissues for all the bayooteefull tears that were released.

I forgot one other person that God inserted into Becky's path. A week ago another person randomly presented Becky with a Bible which turned out to be her first Bible. She brought the Bible to service just like an eager student ready to learn God's word. In the end, she accepted Christ into her life and committed to taking the first steps to the rest of her life. Becky's steps will be challenging and sometimes discouraging but make no mistake that God has placed some wonderful people in her life today and throughout the past month or two that will assist God in making those steps loving and kind.

Pastor spoke today about the feelings we can get sometimes as Christians when we want to serve a bigger purpose than ourselves. We're missing that joy in our lives when we just focus on ourselves. He said J.O.Y. is about praying for Jesus Others and Yourself. I totally get it and I feel so much closer to HIM today for revealing himself to me in this way. It feeds my soul to help others save their souls which in rotation saves my souls as well. Amen!

Peace yall!

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