Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Prayer for the Family

I flipped through the pages of another Bible that belonged to my grandfather. It lifts my spirit to discover highlighted scriptures he read. Even to touch the same pages that I know my elders once read. I found a prayer for family in the back and it is exactly the thoughts I've had lately when I reflect on the circumstances of my family. Here it is:

Blessed Lord, we thank Thee for the home and the family. We are grateful for the happiness and joy that we know within the family circle. Give us Thy peace and help us in all our endeavors to walk more closely with Thee. Make love to shine forth in our relationships one with the other. Teach us to be patient, understanding, and loving. May we be forgiving and forgetful of one another's faults and mistakes. May our home reflect a likeness unto that eternal home that awaits those who love, trust, and follow Thee. Amen.

Peace yall!
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  1. This is a wonderful know the faith of our Fathers, so to speak. Happy to have found your blog.