Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Black Film Festival Day 1

This festival is getting off to a not so great start but I'm thankful just the same. Started the morning with a swollen knee and ice pack onto hot sweaty travel to the airport. My flight to Miami was delayed 5 hours... Yes FIVE hours and I'm still not to my hotel. I was harassed by numerous cranky and energy filled kids during my extended stay at LaGuardia airport. One threw a ball that landed right on my head, another sat on my purse with chips in it and then this little girl peaked underneath my stall while I was using the toilet. She got an eye full...TMI!

On the bright side, I got a lot of reading done in preparation for my first day of the Actors Boot Camp. I completed another entry for "Pretty Girl Confessions" coming out tomorrow. I read some snippets of Iyanla Vanzant's "Faith in the Valley"...always an eye opening moment. And I managed to get maybe 30 minutes of nap in during this exhausting 12-hour day of travel.

Up next, some snoring and drooling in the hotel room and a refreshing morning on the other side. Some of the boot camp participants began greeting one another via email so this appears to be a positive group of creatives to work with over the next three days. I'm ready for my Inner Artist to get her butt kicked.

Goodnight and Peace yall!

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