Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Sister

Dear Sister,

I'm so proud of you and feel moved to tell you this. Your accomplishments shine brightness on your short comings of the past. Thinking back over your life, I've seen you reach goals and gain some great notches on your belt. I see an even brighter future ahead for you and know that more growth is around the corner and vital to your success. I encourage you to look at every opportunity past or present as a stepping stone to greatness. Those who love you are always willing to forgive the past and focus on the "present" which is the gift of watching you mature. I encourage you to forgive yourself of your past hurts and shortcomings and love yourself unconditionally. Allow yourself to blossom into the full grown butterfly God made you to be. Put off old ways and habits and embrace the newness of this season in your life. Look for God in everything you do even the small wonders that may seem insignificant like the monotonous job or the edifying words of a big sister. Let your words reflect your actions and vice versa. Most important, remember to stay prayed up about everything. Talk to Him everyday, all day and speak aloud or quietly to ask for His protection, forgiveness, and guidance. Stand strong in your beliefs and know that only one can judge you and only you can diminish yourself. Take responsibility for your actions and always be willing to place yourself in the next persons shoes before you speak. Although you're in a season of challenges and trials, be encourage that the reward on the other side will only make you stronger and prepared for the next trial. I'm so very proud of you for taking the necessary steps to turn your life to God so He can lift you up to your highest. Aku Cinta Kamu Sissie!

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