Sunday, July 10, 2011

God's Black Film Festival

Do I feel like it was a wasted trip by focusing on business instead of
beaches and parties? Not really, I'm still away from home, relaxing
and enjoying the weather and that's the basis of a vacation right?
When I compare my ABFF experience of last year to this year I see the
growth. Last year I was Miss Party Animal with drinks, men, and
clubbing on my mind. Of course, I networked but it was really about
the vacation and doing what I was used to in Miami. This time around,
I just didn't have the desire to party or entertain others who weren't
here for business. I went out 2 out of 5 nights here and I did indulge
in some cocktails, but waking up that first morning with a headache
and the remnants of alcohol in my system was all I needed to get back
on track. I was so focused, maybe too focused, according to those who
endured my lack of enthusiasm for the festivities taking place. I must
confess that I indulged mostly because of my surroundings and not
really because I desired to. I kept giving myself pep talks saying
"C'mon BJ you're on vacation, loosen up a little, have a little fun".
If those aren't words of "the darkness" creeping into my Godly spirit
I don't know what it is. I've matured enough to know that having a
good time and enjoying myself isn't definitively equivalent with
drinking, sexing, flirting, walking around half naked, and running to
the club.

Moving on, the point to all this is that I'd be a fool to return to
the festival this year doing the same thing I did last year. If I'm in
God's favor and he has opened up my understanding to his wisdom than I
surely know to put off my "old man" and bring in the new. I met so
many awesomely positive business minded folks with future
opportunities already in process. My mind was so overwhelmed with the
knowledge received at the 3-day boot camp and all the potential
blessings in the makings that I couldn't think about what to eat next
let alone what club I was going to that night. Not to knock anyone
else, but I believe these are the makings of someone great versus
someone mediocre. I took the first step in the next leg of my career
by deciding to take this trip serious and grab as much fruit as
possible from this tree of opportunity. I still have to return home
and follow up with people, but I'm grateful for the discipline God
placed on my mind this week because I wouldn't have anyone to follow
up with if I was in party mode. Miami, in the past, represented
alcohol, sex, promiscuity, and foolishness. My past attempted to carry
me away but He placed stumbling blocks and jolted me back to reality.
I'm giving praise to Him for starting a new era of memories for me in
Miami full of blessings, wisdom, and fellowship. That's what this boot
camp was...a fellowship. Bill Duke opened and closed with prayer and
repeatedly made mention of the importance for a spiritual centering of
some sort in order to survive in this industry. Amen!!! Participants
was talking about GOD left and right up in that joint and I was just
smiling and thanking Him for always showing up and having a hand in
everything I do. So I know the official title of the event is the
American Black Film Festival but I'm going to unofficially change the
name to God's Black Film Festival because he had it on lock and he was
in control of me and so many other bayooteefull spirits in attendance.
Glory to God!

Peace y'all!

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