Monday, August 22, 2011

Acting Up

As the summer comes to an end I reflect on my career, the goals that
were set and accomplishments made. I've been acting up and acting out
in a good way and would like to share a bit of what I've done, in no
particular order. I've gained the confidence in myself to submit and
actually go through with auditioning for short films and student
films. I attended the Black Film Festival and although I didn't get to
perform my monologue for Bill Duke, I was prepared. Nervous as crap
and ready to puke both days but prepared and anticipating the calling
of my name to go before him. Surrounding myself with all those
positive industry folks gave me a boost of confidence to proceed. I
successfully completed my first play and am currently working on my
second role as a lead character to open in October. I received my
first callback for a film which is one step closer to booking one. I
went back to my acting coach after two years of "getting my act
together" and I impressed myself with the confidence I displayed. At
an audition, I stretched my creativity in a role I never thought I
could play because I didn't take myself serious as an actress. I
didn't get the film but I'm so proud of that growth. I'm very excited
to have finally received my first SAG waiver and believe that many
more are to come.

These may seem like normal day-to-day accomplishments to most actors
or people who understand this industry. For me, it's a testament that
I am brilliant, creative, and capable of everything I dream and more.
I couldnt have imagined being in this position two, even three, years
ago and wasn't quite sure how far this career would take me. Living in
NYC, pursuing my acting career full time and growing more each day,
supporting myself and living abundantly. I'm super grateful to God
because he is the source of my strength and joy. When I think back on
those dark days even a year ago that I was ready to walk away from all
this and give up on myself, I know it was God that brought me back. He
has shown me that not only can I survive in this industry but that I
can flourish to heights unimaginable. To non-industry folks, I've
already become a superstar and I'm humbled and thankful for all the
love and recognition. But I know this is just the beginning and with a
little diligence and a little folding of my hands i'll be soaring to
higher accomplishments. Praise God for being a presence in my life and
bringing conviction, growth, patience, knowledge, love, health, and

Peace yall!

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