Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Be Motivated

A family friend posted "Our Assignment is to Impact the People that God has put in our Paths" on his Facebook page this morning. To me this means to get involved with others, genuinely get involved. We can all learn to take an extra minute out of our day and lend a hand to the next person. Instead of asking "what have I done for myself lately?", we should occasionally ask "what can I do for someone else today?". Whether it be a simple task like a phone call to an old friend to brighten their day or a more committed task like getting involved in a community event. In my opinion, most of us are searching for recognition. "What will you be recognized for?" or better yet "Who will you be remembered as when you leave this world?". I want to be remembered as a person of sacrifice and giving, an example of a human being capable of putting others before myself, spreading joy, and learning from others as I maybe teach them a thing or two from my experiences. Motivating our youth is a responsibility I use to participate in often and I think I need to get back to that. But you can motivate a friend, an elderly family member, a stranger even a coworker. Doesn't matter who, maybe the person you need to motivate for now is simply yourself. Maybe today you should open that savings account you've been thinking about, sign up for that fitness class you've been dreading, call that person you hurt and apologize, wake up and be early instead of on time or be on time instead of late ;-) Make a commitment today to do something different than you have in the past and sincerely give it a go. Think positive often and rise above petty situations. Be Motivated in Life and Seek Joy and Encourage others to do the same.
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