Friday, May 7, 2010

Play to WIN

Last night, me and some friends got together for a game of Taboo and dinner. We all love this game and are all competitive successful people in life and very strong minded. There is never a game of anything that involves me that doesn't include lots of sh*t talking and bragging. I'm always yapping at the opponent and talking junk to throw them off course. Occasionally do a little risky business and forget to write a point down or flash a signal to a teammate. My team ended up losing but that was cool with me because we played hard and didn't quit. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, sometimes people can handle it and sometimes they can't. But its just a game so at the end of the day its all love. The game inspired me about todays entry since I'm always yelling "I play to win, I play to win!"

In the game of life, there are similar rules. One could say that the Bible is the sheet of instructions that you follow and the code of laws would be like the list of penalties or things not to do in this game. However, there really is no black and white, easy breezy way to play "Life". I do apply the "I Play to Win" mentality to my career and life but without all the cut throat tactics. I've learned that getting ahead in life is not done by breaking down your opponent or sliding cards under the table to give yourself the upper hand. Its done by staring your opponent or your challenge dead in the eyes and observing their moves. Predicting which way they will go next and to be one step ahead. Like a game of chess, which I've never actually played by the way. Always analyzing every piece on the board or every opportunity in life and deciding which move will bring you the best outcome. Now I believe in Chess they patiently make little checkmate moves that ultimately result in a win. So if we treat life as such and go for the little wins on our boardgame of Life, we too shall win in the end or achieve the desired goal. You can't win a game with one grand move and you certainly don't win by cheating and breaking all the rules. In the game of Spades, if you renig it'll cost you three books if your opponent figures it out. I don't want to risk being set back three books I worked hard for or three little successes in Life so I play on the straight and narrow. I even give the "opponent" so to speak help in the game. Like referring other models/actors to photographers or classes. At auditions smiling and showing them to the sign in sheet or giving them the instruction they may have missed from the director. Giving away trade secrets like beauty tips or auditioning techniques. If I played in my career like I played Taboo there would be no smiles, no helping hand, and swapping of trade secrets. All these are done, one, because it builds great karma and ,two, because you never know who the person you're sitting next to trully is. They could be the next big "it girl", up and coming director, your next BFF, or more importantly just a human being that could use a friendly opponent instead of a "chew you up and spit you out" opponent. Anyone who has a goal is a hustler to me. So any and everyone can be viewed as an opponent. You can't go around chopping everybody off at the knees to get ahead.

So while my friends may still be steaming at the head from playing with me last night, I'm resting easy. I know that was just a game and that my energy is best focused on this real life game I play everyday. Its called " how to be the best me I can be?". Some days I get it right some days I don't, some days others understand my hustle some days they don't. But trust and believe no matter what they think or say, I'm still gonna be over here "Playing to WIN!". (wink wink)
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