Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mind Yo Business

"No one can diminish you but yourself!"

I start off with this quote because it is one of my favorites and I'm still not sure who said it but it has stuck with me over the years. I placed it on my wall in my office and on my cell phone so I can constantly be reminded. I have the power over me and I control all aspects of my life. Lately I've found myself too focused on others problems and what they have going on and getting wrapped up in their drama. So much to the point where I'm comparing my life to theirs and over analyzing myself. Wondering do I act like them, is that how people view me, just being up in their business way too much. I read somewhere or maybe it was in church that "You cant possibly be focused on your dreams and goals if you worried about what the next person is doing or what they got!". I don't know that I have been focused on what others have but may be just observing and judging people way too much. Like they said if I'm so focused on someone else how could I be giving myself the focus and attention I need to pursue my dreams. Another quote I look at every morning when I wake is "I can have everything I want, If I give everything I've got". Simply put if I understand that sacrifice is mandatory for success than I need to give all my energy and time to my craft and cut out all the unnecessary stuff. Whether that be partying, drinking, friends, being lazy or non motivated...whatever. I know my strengths and I know I have what it takes to be successful so why do I allow others problems to consume me or annoy me? I've always been a person to find the good in most people, always believing that they can be a better person and sacrifices my needs for others. That's not the path I'm supposed to be on right now so enough of that. Not saying its a bad thing but sometimes you just got to focus on you and you cant worry about trying to change the next person. We all grown so they gotta want it for themselves. Stop holding people to judge and jury if you think they can do better. When girlfriends wanna vent about their problems, family wants to complain about their day, strangers wanna chat you up and get to know you better, people just want to be negative and bring you down with them, I ain't got time folks! Its a hard habit for me to form but I know that in order for me to take my career to the next level I need to learn how to Mind My Business and Keep It Movin! I need to continue to have Faith and Focus on Me and the chips will fall into place as they should. I love the people in my life, drama and all, but I cant let their drama OR the drama I create getting involved with their drama bring me down. No one can diminish me but myself and I'll be damned if I let that happen. So I'm chucking the deuces to the drama and maybe some people too. Time for a little hiatus.

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