Friday, May 28, 2010

A Good Fit

Don't you just love it when you find the perfect fit? Whether it be a pair of shoes, a hat, a coat, some jeans. Remember how excited you were when you found those True Religion jeans that made your butt look awesome or those Jimmy Choo shoes that you can wear all day and your feet never thought once about hurting? For the guys, those sneakers or that fitted hat that was just right to match your favorite T-shirt for the club that night. Something that fit so right you couldn't stop looking in the mirror over and over again and if people wouldn't talk about you, you'd wear it all the time. That good fit that you would spend an insane amount of money on because it seems like it was made for you and its the exclusive edition. Well I do, but my good fit is non-material and its love.

It just dawned on me this morning that I found a good fit in love and I want it back. My Good Fit could be worn all day and make me feel nice and cozy. I could stare at my Good Fit forever and never get tired of the view...such a bayooteefull sight to see. I would pay any amount on the price tag for my Good Fit and it would totally be worth it. I would definitely rock my Good Fit everyday and dare anybody to say I adore my Good Fit and I'm still not sure how I lost it.

Imagine losing one of the material items I mentioned earlier. How devastated would you be if you worked so hard to save your pennies to buy that item and then one day you went in the closet to put it on, to find it was gone. You have no idea where it could be. You didn't give any one permission to borrow it, you definitely didn't take it out of the house and forget it somewhere, you'd never treat your Good Fit like that. Your burglar alarm didn't go off so you don't think anyone came inside and stole it. You now stand scratching your head: What the heck happened and why cant I find my Good Fit??? You cant go buy another one because as mentioned earlier that one was made just for you or at least that's what you tell yourself. You may go back and try on new shoes or give those other brand of jeans a try. In the back of your mind, your thinking about that Good Fit you lost the whole time, comparing every step of the way. Sometimes you just give up because you don't want to save more pennies to buy a knock off version of the insanely priced Good Fit you just lost. You try to accept that its gone forever. You may see some similarities to your Good Fit in other purchases but there's nothing quite like your Good Fit.

My Good Fit disappeared just as I was breaking it in. Like a great pair of four inch stilettos, I'd wear my Good Fit here and there. Had to be careful because I know that those stilettos have the potential to break my ankle. But let me tell you, when it was time to rock those four inch stilettos, I wore the hell out of them bad boys...lawd hav mercy! Hurt like hell to take them off every time I wore them because my feet got so comfortable in them they swole up to tempt me not to remove them. But you cant walk around in stilettos all day, might break the heel or the support may start to give out. I think I may have worn my stilettos too much too soon, don't think my ankles were ready for that kind of walking. Now my ankle is bruised and scared to try on other stilettos. Thought about throwing them in the trash but just placed them on the shelf in the back. Maybe I need to take my Good Fit stilettos to the shoe repair man...hmmm??? Get some extra cushions or lower the heels just a bit to take baby steps. Would my Good Fit still be the same if I took baby steps so my ankles can mend? Will my Good Fit allow me to take baby steps? Good questions!!! For now I glimpse at my Good Fit occasionally and reminisce, hoping that one day I'll be rocking those stilettos again.

I cant believe i just compared LOVE to stilettos, but it kind of makes sense... to me anyway. I told yall I was crazy ;-)

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