Monday, August 2, 2010

When Plans Go Astray!

Not sure what to write about. Its been a week and Ive had several topics in my head: Sincerely I, the first week of 30s, career frustrations. But I just can't follow through with a topic. I'm currently sitting in my room at my dads house in DC sick with self-diagnosed Tonsillitis. (Thanks to Google for having tons of info and yucky pictures) This illness really put a damper on my motivation. My weekend started out great with multiple appearances, two good nights of bar tending lined up, an awesome workout with my homie that was to continue through the weekend. Apparently, God had other plans because I was cranky through two appearances, left the bartending gig early and became so ill I could barely walk let alone workout. The research I found said I need lots of rest and Ibuprofen for the pain. (Thanks Daddy for having 800mg Ibuprofen in his room) I literally slept all day Sunday and I attempted to make it back to NY this morning but I still felt like crap late last night so i changed my bus schedule and emailed my agent. More wrenches thrown in my well planned scheduling machine. I was supposed to drive up Sunday with my dad, help him do some repairs around my place and then go to my callback on Monday and get back to my busy hectic life that i love. I know this happened for a reason and the reason is more than likely because I needed to sit my butt still and until my body forces me to i won't. So there you have it, now I'm sick and cant do anything that involves me leaving this apartment. At least I can make my own soup today, my Dad was playing nurse yesterday cuz I had chills and a fever and just couldn't do anything but sleep and try not to swallow.
Lots of thoughts ran through my mind. With all the pain i was experiencing it made me think about my mom and her illness and how the hell she pulled through some days. I know this will pass in a few days but she had pain worse than this for weeks at a time and still accomplished so much. I thought about what opportunities I'll miss this week because I'm home in DC and the castings are in NY passing me by. I'm wondering how I got this crap in the first place, did i just catch it or did i get from kissing that boy the other day (he shall remain nameless). I thought about all the things i wish i could physically do right now that i could've done when i wasn't sick. Being lazy when i should've exercised, running errands that have been on my list forever but i push it off another day, picking up the phone and calling a friend or family member to say hello. Can barely talk right now, but my voice was working just fine a few days ago. So you see there may be more than one reason for this illness and I'm tapping into it all. I plan to get healthy and then take advantage of the simple everyday things we all take for granted because we don't realize how precious things are. Excited to try the new exercises i learned on Friday, excited about getting back to my NJ apartment and clearing crap out of there, excited about having my voice back soon so I can reach out and touch somebody. I missed church again this Sunday because i was home sick so I'm most excited about getting my tail back in church this Sunday because I'm long overdue for some spiritual motivation. My proverbs have been holding me down but I need a little pastor Jenkins every now and then.
Chat with you folks later, got some more resting to do before my plan to take over the world continues ***giggle giggle ***
Peace y'all!

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