Friday, August 13, 2010

When it rains, It... Rains!

In my brief moment of Ghandhi, Guru, whatever wisdom you want to call it I told a friend, "Its still raining, not pouring, just bigger rain drops. Pouring would be much worse and a little rain aint neva killed nobody." This was in response to her comment of the traditional saying "When it rains, it Pours." We both go through similar challenges in this industry and in life and it is slow right now and Lord knows the bills aint slowing down. But as I was typing that I felt it to be true more than ever. I've been in and out of a funk because the castings and BOOKINGS, for that matter, aint been rolling in as I wished they would. I've been challenged with securing a strong headshot to push out to more agencies so I can maximize the work I receive. Being sick two weeks ago definitely set me back physically and financially. But then I started to think, why am I complaining or worrying so much (to myself because I've been in my apartment for the majority of the past two weeks). But still GOD knows what's in our hearts and just cuz I haven't said it out loud don't mean I'm complaining any less. Even though its been slow, money keeps popping up here and there, even if smaller than I desire, money is money and a blessing is a blessing. This down time has its purpose just like everything else in life. I've caught up on much needed rest during this drought of auditions. What makes me even more appreciative of this week is that I stayed motivated and actually had the time to workout everyday this week. I don't think I've exercised five days in a row ever in life, except when I had cheerleading practice six days a week in high school. I got my eye on a fit agency I stumbled across and I want it so I'm gonna get it. So you see it may be "raining" but its not "pouring". I won't even say things could be much worse because that would imply that this has been a bad week and its been kind of nice. Don't get me wrong I welcome the busy weeks back into my life but this alone time I received has me refreshed and ready for the next challenge from above. I'm currently Bolt Bussin it to DC for a busy weekend and I'm ready. Got my rain boots on and embracing each drop. Peace yall!

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