Friday, August 6, 2010

What's Up....Doc?

So it's Friday morning and for most they are excited to have their week come to an end. As usual, it's quite the opposite for me, my week is just getting started. It's been a rough week literally laying in bed all day everyday. My self-diagnosis of Tonsillitis was corrected by the doctor and proven to be Strep Throat. Never had it before, don't like it, and don't want it again. Someone described it best as swallowing glass and the fatigue, fever, chills, and body aches that accompanied it were just as excruciating. It's Day 4 of 10 into my antibiotics and I'm beginning to feel like me again. Yesterday I started with one casting but got called for two more at the last minute so I thought "why not?", I'm already in the city. I promised myself I'd go to bed as soon as I returned home to relax from the strenuous day of the city. It was challenging because the fatigue was setting in, my throat was so dry, people were moving slow, and I was starving. I did it though, kept moving right along, gave my best at each casting and will prayerfully book them. Today is just as busy with a casting, two agency meetings, a bus to DC, followed by a bartending shift that will go into the early hours of tomorrow morning.

I realize this sounds like a lot to do while still recovering and on meds but I spent enough time in the bed. My hustle don't stop and neither do the bills...Mama got make money. However, I am pacing myself because I don't want to end up right back where I started. I haven't worked out all week although I've been itching to try to my new workout plan, I've taken naps everyday (more naps than usual that is...ha ha), drinking plenty of fluids, starting back on my vitamins (now that I can swallow), and even though I'm already a germ-a-phobe, I will be more conscious of others germs while riding the germ box on wheels to and from DC. You should've seen me on Tuesday when I came back to NY. I had my face wrapped so tight you would've thought I was an Arab. And when someone sneezed or coughed...yuck... I buried myself deeper into the fabric covering my face.

My illness wasn't all bad, I managed to accomplish a few other things: finalize my Facebook Fan Page, submit myself to castings online, catch up on emails to folks, post my bday pictures to the web, wash some dishes, curl my hair, watch the 5th season of "The Closer" on DVD, take the trash out, go to the bank across the street and pay my rent, sit at the diner across the street and catch the season premiere of "Dark Blue", and update my electronic portfolio (my iPad :-D).

As I said my week is just getting started, well sort of, because that's a lot for a sick woman to do. But I'm not just any woman, I'm ME! Tomorrow I have an appearance and then another bartending shift. Church on Sunday (Finally!) and then a shoot for Rita's Water Ice and hopefully back on the sweat box to NY for more fabulous castings. OOOH! Forgot to mention one of the last minute castings was for a national commercial ... finger crossed and prayer hands closed... hee hee hee!
Peace yall!

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