Thursday, August 12, 2010

Scarred for Life

So I went out with the ladies last night and I'm not sure what prompted this but I almost got a tattoo. I remember now, we were having cocktails and somehow got on the conversation of tattoos. One of my girls said she wants one on the top of her shoulder because it's somewhat discreet. Since I'm a giraffe it would be hard for most people to see because they're shorter than I. Most who know me, know that I have no tattoos and never planned on getting one...that is until my mom passed away. I'd been brainstorming on random places on my body that it could go but not be too visible to impact my modeling career. Can't go on the neck or back because then it'll show when I do wedding gown events. Can't get it on the hands or wrist because it'll show when I slate my name and show my hands for commercial auditions and so on and so on. Some say, well why not just use Dermablend and cover it when necessary, but that's misleading to me. I've never been good at lying and most agencies or audition forms specifically ask if you have tattoos or piercings if its a concern for them. I don't wanna cover it up and then lie about it, that defeats the whole point of getting it to me. Why go through the pain of getting the tattoo on top of the pain that inspired me to get the tattoo (losing my mom) just to cover it up for a quick buck. Some things just aren't worth the money and covering up my mamas name would be one of them. I realize that it's something that will be with me forever so I need to choose wisely and be absolutely sure that I'm ready to be scarred for life in the physical sense. Already there in the spiritual and emotional because my mother will always be with me, tattoo or not. But I do like the idea of seeing her name resting on my shoulder forever and ever. Kind of makes me feel closer to her so I'll probably get one eventually but for now her spiritual hand on my shoulder will do. That's all for now folks!

P.S. I forgot to mention that I did stumble, slightly under the influence, upon two tattoo parlors last night but the first was closed and the second wanted way too much for the three letters of my mothers name. When its right its right and last night it was wrong so no tattoo. My friends hand written tattoo lasted through the night and left great memories of my almost

Peace yall!

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  1. Her name on ur shoulder would be the most fitting place since you were the one who carried most of the weight while she was sick. I always commended you for being so strong for her.