Friday, April 30, 2010

A Field Trip to Philly

Where to begin? I stayed in Tribeca last night on my cousins couch because I originally had an early morning casting. The casting director changed their mind and cancelled me from the casting, not the right look I guess. Moving on, I still had an 11:30am bus to catch because I had two more castings in Philly. So I'm off to a great start, get a fresh fruit cup and some almonds from the store then head on down to the bus. I got there early so I caught the 11:00am bus... woo hoo... more time in case I get lost or traffic and stuff. The weather in NYC has been unpredictable, so I had a sweater, a blazer, and a short peacoat to go with my two scarfs. I don't know why I tried to carry all that stuff and bought my small suitcase, knowing my back would be broke before I make it to my first destination. The bus stop in Philly let me out within two blocks of my first casting. But it felt like a million blocks dragging that suitcase, all the coats, my jam packed purse across my shoulder and my new hair-do was so flowy the wind insisted on keeping my bangs across my eyes so I couldn't see. I arrive at the hall and enter the room filled with girls at least 10 years under me judging my walk for their school fashion show. Whatever, its a paid gig so OK, judge away. Easy breezy, in and out, now how the heck do I get to my second casting? My frugal side is like you need to find the nearest bus and figure it out cuz you got plenty of time. The impatient and "ready to get the heck home" side of me says you better find a taxi and quick cuz your shoulders got about two ounces of strength left to hold this bag. A cab goes by and its occupied and then another just the same, so I cross the street and wait for the bus. It comes within five minutes and its already packed but this guy saw my agony from these bags and moved to the back so I could have his seat (Thanks Mister). Stop after stop the bus fills up and then here come the mom and dad with five boys no older than 10 years, all going sightseeing :-/ They were so loud and pushing and just too much (some parents need spankings because they should know better :-D) The bus is strolling along and I realize that this bus isn't going to get me close enough to my destination and I forgot to ask for a transfer. There are now a million gazillion people standing in the front of the bus so there was no way I was getting up to squeeze through all those people and either drag my bags with me or leave them in my seat to come back and find them gone. I decided I would just pay full fare for the next bus and chalk it up. I chatted with some nice folks along the way so it was a nicer ride once the rugrats got off. I ended up making my way to the front somehow and paying a dollar for the transfer instead of the $.75 it costs because the bus doesn't give change. Hey thats laundry money. Anywho, I switch buses and get off at my second casting, which lasted all of two minutes. I drag my bags all the way up the steps, take my coatsssss off and breathe for two seconds and then they ask for my photos and agency name and say Thank You. (Scratching my head and looking side ways, like "that's it?") But yes that's it, you spend your whole life to get to castings and they take about two minutes. But its all worth it when the duckets start rolling in and you book the gig. OK, so now how do I get to the bus stop to take me to DC, my final destination? I have to work a few appearances and judge a high school fashion competition so I figured I'd just go to DC instead of back to NY and then DC in the morning. First, I think I'll just walk to the corner and catch the bus back up closer to the stop and then walk the rest of the way. Ha... on the way to the corner I dropped one of my coats midway and had to walk back to get it so the whole bus and walk idea went out the window. I hopped in a cab and was on my way to the better part of my day. I had two hours before the bus left so the taxi driver suggested a market that changed my life. There were so many food options I thought I died and went to fat girl heaven. I stopped this guy and said "whats good in here?" and he pointed me to the best turkey burger spot in the joint. It was a little Amish stand and "ooooh doggy" every bite of that burger was bliss. I couldn't leave without getting ice cream from the stand I passed on my way in... more delightful than the burger it was. Oh and before I made it to the ice cream I found a warm cookie bakery and scooped up some cookies for me and my Daddy, he's a sucker for cookies. So now I'm off to the bus stop which is only a block away from Food Paradise. I have thirty minutes to kill so I'm charging my phones and relaxing when an old friend from way back in the day strolls in. He was a model with the first agency I ever joined in Delaware, talk about flashback. We took a few moments to catch up and update each other on other models from the agency. Wow... that was a great flashback and much needed. A reminder of where I came from and how far my modeling roots go back. On the bus to DC and its gonna be a hot one folks... lawd have mercy. This bus ride was beyond sweltering hot and there was something blowing out of the vents but it wasn't anything like cold air. People were playing musical chairs trying to find a working vent and a cool spot away from the sun. 3 1/2 hours later I'm in DC and hop in another cab, which is funny because I'm anti cab, I think its a waste of money when you can take the bus or train for cheaper. But when you got a load on your back and can do Part 2 of Erykah Badu's "Bag Lady", you'll pay 50 bucks to get a ride. I go into my Dad's job to catch up for a second since my truck is always at his job. We always have so much to talk about and the conversations get even longer because we constantly repeat ourselves. Its like two people with Alzheimer's having a convo...lmao. I soaked every minute of it up, especially when he told me that he started reading my blog. This day gets better and better and it made me feel so good and I still cant stop smiling. He read the part where I talked about learning self reflection from him and I could tell that it made him proud so it made me happy, like a kindergartner bringing their first project home. Now I'm home in Southeast DC typing this after a much needed shower to de-funk from the days activities. I got my Daddy's sweatpants on and a big ole tshirt and I'm sitting Indian style at my make-shift office (two shoe boxes on my bed with my laptop). It always feels great to be home and I have lots to do. Daddy's pancakes in the morning, a jog with the BFF, judging at Catwalk Classic, then an appearance for the big Mayweather Mosley fight. Church on Sunday with the BFF and lots of errands before another appearance at 10pm on Sunday night then back up to my apartment outside of the Big Apple. My field trip was great today, had its ups and downs but it was all worth it to be in my bed and waking up in the morning to chat with my Dad some more and relax. Chat with you soon, Goodnite yall!

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