Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Inspiration

This first entry will be a quick one. I titled it my inspiration because i was inspired tonight to finally start this blog. Still not sure if i have the courage to go through with it but time will tell. Two friends have recently started blogs, one about the journey of her losing her mother to breast cancer and the other about her journey to follow her dreams of modeling. It seems like such a liberating feeling to put your thoughts out into the universe just in case someone wants to care that you shared. Although I share both of their experiences, this will be slightly different. I titled it "theinnercrazyvstheouterbeauty" because it describes me perfectly. Every second of each day is a battle within myself to be a better person, a better daughter, sister, friend, business woman and so on. Struggling with my temper, my faith, my promiscuity, my passion for cocktails (lol) and then some. People on the outside looking in see a pretty girl and assume a certain lifestyle accompanies that but from where i stand on the inside looking out...i know differently. This blog will about me, simply put, but not in a pretty way. I plan for this to be my outlet for all thoughts, emotions, and experiences from my past, present, and future. The very raw ugly side of me which in itself makes me the beautiful person I have come to love at the peaking age of 30. I have come a long way from the naive, insecure girl that used to lurk inside me. She's still there, but disappearing more with everyday and i am tremendously excited about all of life's lessons I have yet to learn. So stay tuned for more of "TICTIB", this should get interesting.

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