Friday, April 30, 2010

Reality Check

I'm back to reality here in NYC and more than three days later I wish I was still in Sunny Silent M.I.A. All the appointments, people, irritations, things to do, blah blah blah, now I know why Miami was so peaceful. I'm not sure what my "funk" is all about. Perhaps I'm still recovering from the reality that "my past" has not matured into what "my future" needs. Perhaps I'm physically exhausted from the reality that Ive been home only one day this week and sleeping on couches and traveling and I'm back out to Philly in the morning. Or maybe its the reality that the time I spent in Miami really impacted my perception of life and I don't know if this reality is the one I want??? I'm grateful for the things I have, the successes I've accomplished, the material and immaterial blessings in my life but some days I just want to crawl up in the corner of a dark room and just be silent. Most people come back from vacation rejuvenating, ready to regroup and get going. So what the "h-e- double hockey sticks" is my problem? I'm think I'm just a little bruised but not broken and my scrapes will heal in a few days. I need a reality check bad because my life is great and it could be a lot worse so I need to suck it up, dust off my stilettos and get back in the game with a big ole cheesy smile. I'm going home this weekend so maybe my Daddy's pancakes and little church will do my spirit good.

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