Monday, April 26, 2010

My Mind, My Body, and My Spirit

As I mentioned previously, it takes a strong person to always see the brighter side of things, be disciplined and diligent, always do right by others and so on and so on. My father has always been a leading example of self reflection, so it is through him that Ive learned to look at myself in the "mirror" often. Observing my perfections and my flaws, learning from the decisions I make each day, remembering to treat others as I wish to be treated and at the end of each day being at peace with that reflection.

It goes without saying that no one is perfect, but if I can lie down every night in the bed Ive made, than it was a good day and an even greater one to wake up and do it all over, but better. It is a blessing to have family and friends to keep you on the right track or steer you back when you're falling off line. However, the true responsibility lies within us as individuals and its not about others perception of your life, its about how you see it. Are you happy? Did you accomplish any goals you set for yourself? Do anything for YOU today?

To the uninformed eye, I may come off selfish or even too self-involved, spend way too much time in the mirror or take an absurd amount of pictures of myself. I call it self love and its not a love Ive always known. In my first entry, I talked briefly about the naive insecure girl I used to be and while I practiced self reflection back then, I don't think I knew how to process what I saw. Its like I was a stranger in my own body, but I get "me" now. Some days I'm overly generous, loving, passionate, friendly, bubbly and exude ridiculously high energy. Some days I'm bitchy, cranky, sarcastic, short tempered and down right rude. I love all those characteristics of me. My challenge is to continue to be nice and friendly but not allow myself to be taken advantage of and to be the feisty mamacita that's in me but know when its appropriate to apologize. If I don't apologize its because I'm not sorry for what Ive done and there is no need to fake an emotion I don't feel. If I am generous and friendly and bubbly take it for what it is because I'm probably really enjoying the person that I'm sharing the moment with.

This weekend in Miami had several purposes: Forgiveness, Clarity, Tranquility, and Relaxation. Today is my last day here and I spent most of my trip alone and it felt great. Definitely the first of many solo getaways. My mother used to travel to Barbados every summer and I couldn't understand why she would never make it a family trip. I get it solitude is so precious and I need to nurture it with oodles and oodles of love and

All in all, I'm determined to work on me and I will forever be a work in progress, perfecting ME... Mind, Body and Spirit one day at a time.

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