Sunday, June 13, 2010


Have you ever done or said something and then instantly wish you hadn't? Well, that would be me at 730am this morning. I was sitting on the Bolt Bus to NYC and had my bookbag in the other seat to get situated. I know completely that I pay for one seat and don't mind when someone ask to sit next to me. I've mastered sleeping in the window seat and not drooling on my seatmates shoulder. Anywho, this lady gets on with her two little boys and stops at my seat to say "Is anyone sitting here?". In the amount of time it takes to snap your finger, I had responded "No, but are one of your kids gonna sit next to me?" And I didn't say it very nice.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me or maybe "hell" or some negative spirits is what's wrong with me. I still can't believe I even said it. It was like in that split second, I thought "I been working in the sun for two days, just got off 3 hours ago and I'm on this 730am 4-hour long bus, so naw lady your rugrat can't sit with me, keep it movin!". Now I know people think this all the time but what made me say it??? It came out with no hesitation, well a brief hesitation. I had a flashback of her screaming at one of her boys earlier before I boarded the bus. So she says "Yes one of my kids" which in her mind meant "Beee-yach, did you just talk bad about my kids?". As I proceeded to move my bookbag she was like "Don't worry about it" which in her mind meant "We don't need yo damn seat no way!". Now I'm in my seat and more people board and a lady sits next to me and I didn't even think twice about huffing and puffing because I know she won't be bumping me and screaming back to her brother or mother in the seat behind her. I started to feel so bad, I mean my conscience kicked in through all the drowsiness of my 90 minutes of sleep last night. So much that it hurt me that I hurt her. People were still boarding and moving around but I was like I gotta get up right now and apologize. Apologize E-MEE-CHEE-IT-LEE BJ! I walk back and find her and tell her that this was outside of my character and what I said to her was really rude and I apologized. She just looked at me and said very lightly "OK". That's all I could ask for as I ran back to my seat with my tail between my legs. I still felt so bad that I started to tear up as I sulked in my seat. I had to tell myself that I'm human and that I make mistakes but I apologized and learned a lesson today which is all I'm obligated to do. It disturbed me so much what I had done that as tired as I was I couldn't go to sleep. I was being ugly and God don't like ugly so he gave me heavy conscience at that moment as my punishment which I totally deserved.

The lesson learned here is to myself and anyone reading. Its not always all about you, the person next to you can be just as tired or just as broke or just as whatever you may be going through and worse. When it is all about you make sure its all about how YOU treat others, and what wrongs can YOU make right, or what kind of person do YOU want to be remembered as and act as such. My Daddy aint raise no fool and I was sure acting like one. I'm just so thankful that I had the courage to swallow that lump in my throat and apologize. For all I know she could be traveling to see a sick loved one or leaving a horrible relationship or something else traumatic and I just made her day that much worse by being rude.

You never know who you talking to when you speak so you should choose your words wisely. Humbled and Tired, signing off!

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  1. Aw, don't worry about it. We all slip up sometimes - the important thing was that you apologized. That takes a lot, and shows a lot about your character. When we get reactions like that from others, the first thing you have to think is "whew, they must have some drama going on right now" just to give them the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully that's what the woman felt when she got your reaction, and then saw you apologize to her later.

    Great writing, miss! I'm impressed. Very easy to read and follow. Be good

  2. Funny! I was searching for a phrase that matched my e-mail address and your story came up! I love it! It was when I realized 10 years ago that I was not the only woman going through a divorce with kids to care for that I set up this phrase as my a e-mail. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. God allows us to have our experiences so that we can encourage others not to isolate ourselves from eachother. I truly appreciate your experience...