Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Never Satisfied

I haven't blogged in a week and for good reason, I spent the last week in San Juan, Puerto Rico with my college buddies celebrating our first year as 30 year old women. I planned to return and do a great big exciting blog about my experience, took notes and pictures to make it special. I had an amazing time and made tons of memories, some that shall remain in Puerto Rico. But as I return home I'm reminded of my reality, I'm coming home to no one. Don't misunderstand me, I will always have my friends and family. However, all five of my trip mates and best friends are returning home to boyfriends, babies, husbands, and busy schedules. My schedule has been up and down and work has been very slow in the acting world for me. As I take a pit stop past my NJ apartment before flying to Miami for another vacation I cant help but feel lonely. Most people would be delighted and everyone is like "I wish I could afford to be you, 3 trips in one month". Trust that my travels and party world come with a bigger price tag then just money. It's nice to have big trips and material things and live the glamorous life but I think the more valuable items are those that my girlfriends returned home to retrieve. I know that I will party it up in Miami this week and superficially cover my wounds. But for sure I will return again to my reality of being single and seeking love. When I return it'll be time to drown myself in work again and find opportunities for greatness and one day when the time is right I'll be returning from one of many trips to open arms and smiling faces in my home. This entry is a bit sad but it sucks a little ok a lot to be gone all the time and not have anyone missing you when you return. Off to Miami I go...

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