Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Puerto Rico's first impression

My first thoughts as I land in PR looking out the window. I see towers and city and it looks like a downtown Miami, I see billboards in Spanish, highways lined equally with Puerto Rican and American flags with pride, I see villas of poverty with rusted tin roofs and less than a foot of space between each house. Then I see bayooteefull green grass and sunshine and mountains peaking through the clouds far over. We taxi into the gate and I'm humbled to have this opportunity and plan to make the best of it.

My first thought as I arrive to the hotel is "I just got hustled". The taxi driver conveniently didn't have change for my 50 dollar bill :-/ "C'mon Son". Anywho the lobby looks vintage and seasoned and to the left is the front desk and the right is the casino entrance (the casino is going to be trouble). I check in and as I walk the humid sunny path to the garden rooms I'm welcomed by an enormous tree. Anyone who knows me is aware of my mild case of megalophobia (fear of large objects). This isn't just any tree, ill be sure to upload a picture so you can see. I turn my head quickly so the site of the tree doesn't overwhelm me only to be greeted by another one right outside of the room entrance near the pool. This shall be an interesting trip, I'm sure the locals will think I'm crazy after they see me jump left and right when these gigantic vine filled trees taunt me while at the pool.

Moving on to the room, the hallway leaves much to be desired but the room brightens me up a bit. Their version of a mini bar is three small bottles of liquor and a bag of chips on top of the fridge but... hey its something I guess. The quality of the room is acceptable and I try not to judge the rooms too much especially when I didn't want to get involved in the selection process. I'm kinda the "just pick something and tell me how much I owe" sort of gal.

So now I'm making myself cozy and unpacking. The other ladies don't arrive for a few more hours so its just me and the pool and the trees for now. Think ill go for a dip and layout or maybe a mojito at the beach bar ... hmmmm?
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