Monday, June 28, 2010

This is my life

I returned home from Miami and went to bed immediately. Eleven hours later I woke up searching for food and my laptop. I had so much to catch up, emails, bills, media accounts, and more. I had an absolute ball these past two weeks and checked some things off of my Bucket List. Now its back to the real world of hustling and non-stop brainstorming on how to be the better me I can be. I have to get more agents locked down, secure another bartending gig, reach out to my current agents so I stay fresh in their minds, do another shoot for my acting headshot...geesh! I also need to chat with my baby sis in PA since she and her boyfriend just broke up, catch up with my Dad in DC since I haven't seen him in two weeks :-( , check in with the middle sis in DE to see what my nieces can entertain me with via telephone, and call up the older bro in TX to hear the latest on his job search. Oh yeah, its time to start planning the details of my family trip in September. Were traveling to Barbados to spread my mother ashes and I want to make it as memorable as possible for my family and me. How could I forget, my 30 bday is next month and that needs to be a blast as well, gotta start the invitation list. Add to my list of things to get done: running at least 3x a week, cooking at home at least 1x a week, get to church in MD at least 1x a month, try to take daily vitamins at least every other day (I realize this wouldn't be a daily vitamin, but its an, read a proverb a day, finish Eat Pray Love before the movie comes out (didn't read at all in Miami), take a scene study acting class, plan my visit to LA before 2011, do more yoga each day, let's see ... I'm leaving something off??? Oh I got it, find time to just lay in the grass and stare at the clouds and just breathe and be Happy and sip on a margarita with salt please. This is my life in a nutshell and those are just the tasks I want to accomplish today. Something new pops into my mind with each breath I take... Hee hee hee. Peace yall!
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