Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hot Shower

Can't tell you how amazing it felt to come home and wash "today" off of me. From spiritual challenges with new friends, lessons from God with old friends, entertaining concerns from others that aren't my concern, a broken phone, drama at the bank with my rent check, sore feet from the streets of NYC, a hot sweaty body from the unexpected blazing sun, a bday party that I had to make it to in spite of wanted to run home and cry after a day like this, and a call from an old yet still mending love wound. Each beat of that water felt like warm arms embracing me. Pulling me in close and telling me that "it'll be ok, just let us wash away all your worries and failures of today and give you a refreshed assurance that tomorrow will be better". As the massage head kneaded into my stressed and tightened shoulder muscles, I felt relief with every stroke. As I stood with my eyes closed I drifted into a Paradise that sailed far far away from this day and onto a brighter, joyous tomorrow. Upon opening my eyes to realize I am only standing in my shower, I close them quickly to return to Paradise. Trusting and believing each drop of water which equaled the number of prayers I said silently today to get me through. Listening only to my voice and the splash of water on the shower curtain. Both reminding me that nothing worth having is easy, so if Peace is what I desire it will not come easy. However, this blissful hot shower was a little bit of Peace until the real deal comes. The only thing that could have made this shower better was hotter water and multiple massaging shower heads. One for my neck, two for each shoulder, one for my lower back, and one to pulsate up and down the lumbar of my back. I feel so refreshed and ready for pleasant dreams to take me into tomorrow. Ready to sleep peacefully and awake tomorrow with a better attitude and embrace the new day. Whew!!! Never will I underestimate the power of a hot shower! Peace yall!

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