Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Measure of Success

One cannot measure their level of success by comparing it to another's. Your success is defined by you. Its easy and quite honestly lazy to put yourself side by side with anyone in life and think "well I have this but they have that" or "yeah they accomplished this but I did too and even better". We're all guilty of taking the easy road and jumping on the band wagon and doing what others are doing instead of using our own brains and truly finding our purpose. We get disappointed and frustrated when we don't accomplish the goals we set, but they perhaps weren't the right goals to set in the first place if you were basing them on what other people do. It takes much more faith and energy to trust in the Lord to create your success through the opportunities in front of you. Our life experiences make us who we are and even if two people appear to be on the same playing field they really are not. Their personal circumstances such as finances, beliefs, upbringings, environment, energy, actions, and more determine how their life will turn out. You can put two people through the same scenario and they will surely have different outcomes. Take my siblings and I for example. We were all raised in the same household with the same parents and the same beliefs. And as adults we couldn't be farther from similar. How we all took our experiences and analyzed them and made life decisions around them makes us different. Its one of the bayooteefull things about being God's creatures, no two of us are exactly alike. So understanding this should put us at peace with our own circumstances. Trusting that we all go through our trials for a purpose, the purpose that only applies to us as individuals. Not to be compared or judged against others and to be appreciated as stepping stones on our own paths to greatness.

I'm searching for my purpose. I can't expect to be successful or even define success without first understanding my purpose.

Peace yall!
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