Monday, January 24, 2011

The 3 Ps

The 3 Ps: Patience, Perseverance, and Privacy. These are the keys, so I'm finding, to a successful relationship. Pateince, first and foremost, because it's so simple to just walk away when the lovey dovey googly eyes stop winking at you. You need patience to get through the tough days if it's a relationship worth fighting for. And then perseverance, because if its worth fighting for than you have to actually fight for it. To be persevere means to be persistent and keep at it, especially when its challenging, so maybe the second "P" is interchangeable. Privacy is probably the most important out of the three because you can attempt to be patient and try to persevere, but if you let Jackee and Juanita done the street know everything that's going on behind closed doors you will see just how much patience and perseverance you really have. Or don't have once they get their gossiping paws on your stuff. So why even test your relationship with peoples insignificant opinions entering your thought process. I mean, It's nice to have a confirming conversation with a friend but be very selective with whom you choose. Actually the more i think about it, its really not that comforting. Most of the time you end of doing your own thing anyway so grow up and make decisions without the girls feedback. Im sure you've heard someone say don't ask your single girlfriends for advice or even girlfriends that are in bitter broken relationships. They often will misguide you or probably want your man or some crap like that i believe I've heard. But here's a good rule of thumb that a friend posted and if you must share your business... "Never take advice from someone you wouldn't trade places with". If you wouldn't trade places with that person you're sharing private business with, more than likely you don't value their opinion or trust them enough or have seem some less than desirable qualities in them. Do you really think that person can: 1. Offer you any advice you should really be using? and 2. Keep your private business that you couldnt even keep private, PRIVATE? Think about it.

So on my journey to make this relationship the best and the last relationship, im working on living by the 3 Ps. Lord knows Ive tried living by plenty other letters, so lets see where these get me.

Peace y'all!

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