Monday, January 3, 2011

Actors InC

This year has started off with such a motivating spirit that I am absolutely amazed. Among other successes and great news, i just returned home from another planning meeting with Actors InC (capital "C" for Christ). After attending the first session of classes i was asked to join the leadership team in planning the next round of workshops. The main purpose of this organization, aside from providing a forum to read scripts and practice among our peers, is to fellowship. Connecting with the acting community with a light of God in the hopes that we may shine on the darkness of this industry. I have my personal testimony of the dark side of this industry and how it can consume you and bring a negativity about that is poisonous to every aspect of your life. I experienced jealousy, envy, negative competition, de-valuing of myself, judgment and comparison of others, and a list of other unwanted qualities as a result of the downtime and nature of this business. I am a true walker of God's work in turning around my mindset not only with my career life but in my personal life, because you can't fix one without the other. Being on the other side of the darkness and still learning as i go, I'm blessed to be a part of this team, Actors InC. Today we met as a prayer group which consisted of the leadership team and members of the church which sponsor the organization. As i sat through the 30 minute prayer round table, i was amazed at the individual prayers we all shared to see the purpose of our team manifested. Listening to the hearts of the actors and non actors, but all alike as believers in God, was a "must see for yourself" experience. Words cant really express the power of prayer but even more so the power of a group prayer. This organization has been destined to bring a Godly presence to the acting industry welcoming actors, non actors, believers and non believers, to participate in a weekly script workshop that opens and closes with prayer and provides a forum for true fellowship in the NYC area. Its not the best thing, because it being a God thing is what's best, but the second-best thing is that its free. Yuppers, its free. Imagine that, a group of individuals dedicated to doing Gods work and fulfilling his purpose to bring this industry to a positive light and sacrificing their time for the compensation of pleasing God. Wow!!!! I fell in love with this group as a participant and am so humbled to now be a part of the leadership team. It's a great work to be done and I have to be humbled and Christ focused to do it. After allowing my career to chew me up and spit me out, I've dusted my wounds off and i cant think of a better way to heal than through bridging the dark and light of the entertainment world so others can heal too. I feel like this workshop was created for me, i know that is not really true, but I prayed for a way to please God and still work in my field and here it is. Through group prayer and weekly workshops this organization has and will remind me to stay focused on the God in every opportunity and not get so stuck on the "me" in every opportunity. A blessed and purpose fulfilled year to Actors InC.

Peace y'all!

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